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French Playlist Extravaganzaa

We have our 100th subscriber on YouTube! In honor of this event, we have compiled this list of Playlists for French teachers and learners. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

L’alphabet français

Bonjour! Comment ça va?: French greetings and basic phrases, questions and answers

Catchy & Easy French Songs: A list of French songs that are pleasantly repetitive and/or have easy tunes for quick learning

French for young learners and the young and young at heart: Over 100 videos for young linguists!

Kinesthetic French Fun: Get up and move while learning French! Read the notes on some videos to learn how to play games or do movements that go along with the song or activity.

Fun French Cartoon called Barbapapa

Les histoires: Stories in French

Les histoires: A playlist of stories in French by Sylvia Duckworth

Hilarious French Cartoon complete with a talking pineapple called Téléfrançais

Les nombres et l’heure: A playlist dedicated to the French numbers & time

Boowa et Kwala: A blue dog and yellow koala sing adorable songs. We love to learn them and sing and dance to them! Animations by which has a wonderful interactive website for children ages 0-7.

Trotro: A French-speaking donkey and his adventures…a favorite of my 4 and 6-year-olds!

Le calendrier et le temps: French Calendar & Weather Playlist

C’est l’Halloween: A playlist of Halloween-themed songs and videos.

C’est Noël: A playlist of Christmas-themed songs and videos

L’arbre est dans ses feuilles: Canadian folk song

Am Stram Gram This French choosing rhyme is great for learning the sounds in French and fun for kids to use when making a choice

Les dinosaures: Playlist for little dinosaur lovers

Robots: Playlist for little robot lovers

Les sons français: Songs for learning all the French sounds

Comment est-il?: Learn how to describe others and yourself with this “What is he like?” playlist

Le Petit Nicolas: A cartoon about a little boy and his adventures

Sam le pompier: A cartoon about a fireman and his adventures

Les animaux: Learn the names and sounds of animals with this playlist

Les animaux: Sylvia Duckworth’s playlist includes videos featuring animals

Les couleurs: A playlist dedicated to learning the colors within a context of a story or a song

Les couleurs: A playlist about the colors in French by Sylvia Duckworth

Thomas en français: Thomas the train is available in French!

The following playlists are more geared towards learners at the secondary level:

French for Secondary

La Musique

Les questions en français: (Some videos may also work for middle school or elementary school)

Here are some other channel’s playlists that are definitely worth a look!

We like playlists because it’s a safer way to show our kids videos on YouTube. We still monitor them, bien sûr!

If you have any that you think  we should add, please contact Audrey at MERCI! 🙂

French For the Family (Videos with subtitles)

Boowa et Kwala (Chansons…in case we missed any above in our playlist!)

Chansons et comptines

More to come, so check back! 🙂