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Aquí está un árbol de navidad

We are so happy to announce that we have been working together with Jeanne de la Lune (@Jeannedelalune) to create a Spanish version of this well loved French holiday song. Please click on TRANSCRIPT (pdf) to view the lyrics. The song really makes more sense once you read the story. Please find the text and audio of the story read by Fabiola Valdez (@NhsValdez) below.

Esta es la historia de un pequeño árbol de navidad. El árbol espera que alguien le elige en el supermercado. Es orgulloso y espinoso.
Un niño y su papá elige y lleva el árbol a casa y para decorarlo. Él es feliz y brillante.
Es la noche antes de Navidad. Todo el mundo se reúne alrededor del árbol y para cantar villancicos. Él es feliz cantando.
Ya pasó la Navidad. El niño y su padre quitan las decoraciones. El árbol está triste y llora porque se pregunta que va le a devenir.
El papá y niño pequeño cava un hoyo en el jardín y lo replanta. El árbol es feliz. Crece mucho y cada diciembre regresa a casa para la Navidad.

El_arbol_de_navidad2.mp3 Listen on Posterous

Little ones really love to act out this song as they sing it. In this video (French version) you can see this for yourself! The actions used are a mixture of invented ones and gestures from AIM Language Learning.


Our Digital Natives

Our digital natives inspire us.

Our children, Soleil (4) and Geo (2), love to use our iPod and iPhone to play instrument apps. They also both ask to play Super Why which teaches basic English literacy. Soleil plays games that have taught her the alphabet in French and she can sing along to several children’s songs in French from YouTube.

We are wondering if there’s any other parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, etc., out there who are inspired as we are, by the digital natives in their lives…and if so, how? What are you doing with your inspiration? We’d love to hear!

As teachers and as parents we want to keep learning about the new amazing apps that hand-held devices are providing for our digital natives in the classroom and at home. Sometimes it’s hard to sift through all the possibilities! There are so many!! If you have found any must-have apps or other online resources for learning Math, French, Spanish or English, please share! Thank you!