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La Veille de “Sunny Earth Camp”


Tonight’s “la veille” (the night before) Sunny Earth Camp. Even if it’s rainy, tomorrow will be sunny! It’s my first ever “Sunny Earth Camp” and I just cannot wait! It has been two years in the making and the day has finally come. Since the “birth” of the  “Sunny Earth Academy,” I have dreamt of this day. With life’s busy twists and turns of the past couple years, the time was just not right, but the day has finally come! I will welcome little linguists into our home and treat them to a one hour French “camp.” My hope is that everyone has so much fun they don’t want to leave and they definitely want to come back next week and the week after!!! I also hope that this camp will help my children embrace speaking French. I am one of the only people they see on a regular basis who speaks to them in French and my French is far from perfect. Plus, I slip into English often as I am married to a monolingual. The kids need a boost like this. They both will help teach the others and act as my assistants. I will be using AIM which means little to no English at all. I am sooooooo ready and excited for this Sunny Adventure!  🙂
Sunny Earth Sun in Texas by ZakTo read a blog post I wrote about AIM, visit here. Special thanks to Zak for the photo! 🙂