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Celebrating Errors!

Not so long ago my husband, two children and I moved into our new home. With the hustle bustle of our daily life, there are still many unopened boxes in the basement.

Last night my five-year-old, Soleil, realized that she hadn’t seen her Care Bears since the move. Her Aunt gave her the Care Bears, and they are very special to her. Honestly, I’m surprised she hadn’t mentioned them before. Soleil does speak a little French without prompting, but it’s usually one word at a time, or very short expressions of courtesy or routine. When she does produce a complete sentence, it’s usually through singing or reciting part of a song or book. Sometimes she pulls phrases from our favorite interactive websites on Well, last night, after looking for the bears, she couldn’t find them and said: “Je ne sais pas où c’est!” (I don’t know where it is!)

Technically speaking, there’s an error in that phrase, since there is more than one bear. Remembering that affective filter, I did not correct her. I was so pleased with this unsolicited French phrase that I don’t remember hearing from her before. Perhaps this song has something to do with it?

So anyways, instead of correcting her directly, I replied: “Tu ne sais pas où ils sont? C’est vraiment dommage! On va les chercher demain, d’accord?” (You don’t know where they are? That’s really too bad! We’ll look for them tomorrow, alright?)

Today we searched high and low and had given up hope by nap time. Soleil and I were working on a French project together on her bed when her daddy came in with a big red suitcase….filled with Care Bears and other lost treasures!

photo (22)

Once again, she came out with a French phrase…only this time it was “Je sais où c’est!” (I know where it is!) Yes, she made the same error again, but ça m’est égal!!! I just don’t care! We’ll take the errors! 🙂