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Où est la pomate?

We just had to biggest case of the giggles during tonight’s French story time! Géo just adores this French word book and is always choosing it. We had just finished finding ten tomatos in the kitchen scene on the previous page. We turned the page and then I started asking them to find food items. Soleil asked to take over so she started with “Où est la banane?” and “Où est la fraise?” Which Geo quickly found.

She then asked “Où est la tomate?” which was super easy for Geo as well…but then she came out with “Où est la pomate?”

photo (2)I asked if she was asking about “la tomate” again and she assured me that “non,” she was indeed asking: “Où est la pomate?”

Finally, she explained that tomato and potato are very similar in English, so then potato in French must be “pomate”!!! This was so silly, yet very logical to a 5-year-old! I quickly, while laughing out loud, explained how this would indeed make sense, but she had just made up a new French word that doesn’t exist!  We were all in fits of giggles and couldn’t recommence story time for several minutes. Oui, Soleil…it WOULD make sense to native English speakers if potato was “pomate” en français!

I told her we’d have to tell our French friends about this new word. She said she wanted to tell them, for sure!


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