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As an Internado enthusiast myself, I could not help but reblog this! It has some really useful ideas for when using El Internado in the classroom!!!

My generation of polyglots

My students are obsessed with El Internado.

I often need to slow down the experience because the temptation is to move on to the next scene too quickly, thinking it is fine as long as students get “the gist” of what happened. Not good enough!!  If they are relying on visuals and the whispered explanations of native Spanish speakers then… what exactly am I doing with our class time?  Here are some techniques (and readings down below, if that is what you are here for) that I use to slow the experience down and transfer my students’ enthusiasm for the show to focusing on the comprehensible Spanish that will improve their language skills.


(1) Reteach students how to view a video. Mute the volume and narrate what is happening (in Spanish, of course). Stop the video frequently. Turn the lights on to act out a scene.

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