Sharing the Love of Languages

I have been in search of French films to up-skill my French. I speak French to my children every day, but I know that I am making errors. Until we can travel to a French-speaking country, I need to take action to help my French skills!!!!

So, I asked my friends on facebook to help me. Out of my friends’ recommendations, I made this YouTube playlist called “Films français.” 🙂

Additionally, I came across this blog by “A French American Life.” Very useful, indeed! 🙂

A French American Life

A list at one of my new favorite blogs,, got me thinking about my own experience with French films.

It’s clear that your average French film greatly differs from your average Hollywood one. The French don’t insist on happily-ever-after Hollywood endings. French films tend toward serious and dark. Or just weird – even from a French person’s perspective. I’ve developed an appreciation for the differences, but sometimes, after watching a French film, I still can’t help but throw my arms up in exasperation.

Here’s a list of things I’ve said after watching French movies with my husband:

  • Is marital fidelity to the Frenchman simply too blasé to be considered as a lifestyle choice?
  • Are French people ever nice to each other?
  • Do French people actually like this movie, or do they just say they do so they seem deep and intellectual?
  • I’ve now spent so much time gazing…

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