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Mimi la souris

Mimi la souris is an adorable creation by our friend, Nathalie Bonneau (aka @jeannedelalune). Her website has a variety of fun animations that the Sunny Earth Kids keep coming back to time and time again. There are many fun resources for French on the Internet, but to be honest, there are only a handful that have attracted Soleil & Géo’s attention. Nathalie’s website is one of them!


Mimi is definitely a favorite! Soleil, who is now 5 1/2 years-old, wanted to write a story about Mimi. She cut up a bunch of papers, told me what to draw and asked me to help her write the phrases in French on a separate sheet of paper. She then colored the pages and copied down the French for each page. I photographed the pages on colored paper with the iPad, then uploaded them to Explain Everything. Soleil and Géo have been learning French from birth, but they are still not entirely comfortable speaking in French. The Explain Everything app helped Soleil record her French speech in small comfortable chunks. Here’s what we ended up with:

Soleil insists that it is not the end…that Mimi’s story must go on. We will see what other adventures Mimi will have! Soleil’s current obsessions include egg hunts and sleepovers…it will be interesting to see what Mimi will end up doing next! Perhaps we can get Géo’s help on the next one!!! 🙂

Thank you, Nathalie, for making French come alive for our children…complete with fireworks and iron-eating robots! We are so grateful you exist!


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  1. […] The first creation is called “Mimi la souris” and you can read more about this project here or simply check out the project […]

  2. […] 3. Je suis triste/contente/malade/etc. <—Special thanks to @jeannedelalune for this gem that has taught the children these useful phrases. To see her amazing website, click here. Soleil has really taken a liking to Mimi la souris. You can read more about this “liking” here! […]

  3. […] Nathalie and I have yet to actually meet face to face, but twitter has brought us together and I am so grateful for that! She has brought so much fun to the lives of my children, I am thankful that I am able to tell her directly! She is the creator of some really amazing fun with French. In fact, just a couple hours ago, Géo was having some quiet tech-time and he chose to play with Nathalie’s robots. He likes to see how many he can get to move at the same time. Both children choose to play these Halloween and Christmas treasures, no matter what the season! And their all time favorite is Mimi la souris who has even turned into a story by Soleil. […]

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